Tinton Falls Resident Helps Organize Collection Drive For Veterans

Seabrook resident is Air Force veteran


Seabrook Village and Tinton Falls resident Ed Salvage has taken on a new project to continue to help his fellow veterans.

Salvage served as a sergeant in the Air Force during the Korean War frequently volunteers his time at the New Jersey Veterans Memorial Home at Menlo Park to spend time with retired veterans.

After helping to organize a picnic for these veterans this past June, Salvage asked one of the staff members what else he could do to help and was told that one item that the retired soldiers could use is shaving cream. 

“I feel as though I am giving back and feel so fortunate because I was one of the lucky ones,” Salvage, who serves as Commander of Post 133 of the Jewish War Veterans in Somerset, said .  “We should never forget what our troops sacrifice. They are the real heroes, not the sports stars and they are the ones that should always be looked up to.”

Salvage then took it upon himself to organize a collection drive at Seabrook and asked fellow residents to donate cans of shaving cream and gel for the vertans home. Following a two-week period that ended on July 30, more than 500 cans were donated by the residents to add to the supply of toiletries for the veterans.

“I feel the service they are doing is so important and that they are doing so much to protect us that this is the least we (Seabrook residents) can do to help them,” Seabrook resident Joe Emm said. “It is our way of giving back a little for the sacrifice that they have made on behalf of the country.”

“The military is so important for this country and all of us citizens should support the men and women who are putting themselves in danger to make the world safer for us," resident Mike Donofrio added.

As if volunteering at the homeless veterans shelter in Menlo Park was not enough, Salvage has also helped arrange for veterans to go see the Somerset Patriots baseball team play free of charge. He has also worked with Highland Park High School students who have collected food for a veterans shelter in town, and his veterans post contributed with other posts to help build a recreation room for coming and going veterans at McGuire Airforce Base.

Any veteran, who has served and is seeking information on veterans associations may contact Mr. Salvage at 732-361-1342.


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