The Power of Appreciation in any Relationship ~

Flattery will get you NOWHERE -Using ‘power of appreciation’ in any relationship-find something special in someone- so they will be feeling good after they recognize it

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ~ Maya Angelou

Aaah, I’m feeling so refreshed and renewed today…Yes, I needed it 'all' yesterday!! A good nap, a good meditation, and good nights rest, but I'm feeling good - also because I know that I've attracted genuine- sincere friends that I can count on when my own human-ness sets in. :-) 

I’m feeling so grateful to have them ~ We all need to know that someone can be there for us, but we also need to be there for others, and when we practice being sincere-using the 'power of appreciation’ for any relationship--that stems from the deepest part of our heart, we will ‘attract mirrors’ of that part of us.

I’m hoping to get you feeling good today- and sharing that feeling good feeling- with someone—so they too can be feeling good! :-)

We all know the phrase “Flattery will get you everywhere.” Do you believe that statement?

Well, I wanted to talk about the difference between flattery and appreciation today…And maybe you’ll see that it’s just the opposite- ‘flattery will get you NOWHERE!

Flattery is false praise, and very selfishly given… It comes from a place of ‘fear’-of lack –of needing something from someone else. When you use it on anybody, it can come back and hit you right in the face (or we can say-right in the gut) we all have a conscience and we do feel guilt, even if the other person doesn’t say so, they feel it. Maybe not right away—but they can ‘feel’ the difference, when you really don’t mean it.

Appreciation for others- is sincere; a non-selfish act that comes deeply from the heart - it ‘can’ come back to us in a more loving and sincere way, even though we may not always be aware of it.

But if we do either one, and expect something in return- than we’re still doing it with the wrong motives…And with both - we are only offering it with selfish intentions.

People are hungry for appreciation towards their own self esteem, and when we give others kind words - by looking at something/anything that is good and/or pretty in them…We are giving them ‘sincere praise.’

When we make someone feel good about themselves with a sincere compliment - looking for the good in them they usually do respond every time –usually at first--with a gesture of surprise on their face, and/or a smile which is truly a priceless gift in return.

And when they say thank you, it most likely is felt from their heart because they know that you took the time to find that certain something in them and brought it to their attention.

You may have given them a feeling good-feeling of worthiness and /or confidence in themselves- which they might have needed to recognize. It encourages them to look within to see their own ‘inner beauty’ that can also enhance their ‘outer beauty.’ They may look 'more appealing' to themselves and also to others.You know, feeling beautiful from the inside out.

So, we do get something back, but we might not know it….A feeling of self-fulfillment because our intentions were not aimed at getting something from them, because it came from a place of ‘love’….It’s how human nature works, on a much more ‘spiritual’ level.

As they say…You might just make someone's day!

So, go out there today and use the ‘power of appreciation’ in any relationship. Look to find one thing that makes them special and beautiful, give them the gift of appreciation- and you just never know-- it might make your day too! ~

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