Secrets of Attraction ~ Being 'in love' is the Key ~

What are the secrets of attraction and/or the law of attraction? Being in love with life ~ Being in love with yourself- is the key.

Mmmmm....I feel so 'in love' today!!! How about you? :-)

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ~ Nikola Tesla

Secrets of Attraction…Oooh la la...We all seem to love the word 'secret' - don't you think? Makes us feel curious, seems a bit mysterious, and gets our juices flowing to want to know more :-)

The degree to which you love your life and value yourself is your ultimate secret attraction.

Psychologists say that it takes 28 days of focused activity to establish a new habit, so if you want as new habit or behavior to become a real part of your life you need to make it a priority ever day for at least 4 weeks. Of course, if an old pattern is deeply indoctrinated, the process may take longer. This is true for your thoughts and behaviors, and it holds true for changing your energetic vibration as well ~ Sandra Anne Taylor

These two quotes above came from the amazing author of "Secrets of Attraction"--The Universal Laws of Love, Sex, and Romance~ 2001

This book was one of the very first books I read when wanting to learn more about myself- 'who I am'...And it led me to an exciting journey to 'look within' --to learn some very enlightened - new ideas about our personal 'energy field' and why we attract the people we do. It can unblock some of the relationship patterns that stop us from experiencing all the wonderful relationships that we deserve.

If you've heard everyone talking about the 'Law of Attraction' these past 7 years or so, it is pretty much the same information, but I also received a much deeper personal meaning into my own life- from Sandra Anne Taylor’s book. I like to give credit to authors & teachers that knew all this already (way before "The Secret Movie" came out--about the law of attraction...) The real courageous authors that most likely lived this life wholeheartedly-walked the talk before many of us were even aware of how powerful our personal 'energy' really is!

You know the expression...I wish I knew then, what I now?

Well, if it wasn't for all the 'human angels'....that that brought many of these flavorful books to my attention - as gifts -I might not have bought them for myself, but I also know that 'I attracted' those amazing people, even though I may not have been aware of it back then.

When I look back -I'm so thankful (for all the so called challenging relationships) I had encountered, because I probably wouldn't have 'awakened' to 'see the light' of wanting to change my life for the better!

And, I am grateful for all these self-help tools that appeared just when they did, so I could be that much further along- to be able to be here- today deeply passionate about sharing this all with you! :-)

They say, when the student is ready the teacher appears, true? :-)

I'd like to leave you with a little bit of a continuation of yesterday's post- an awesome video "How To Imagine Beyond What Is"---from Abraham Hicks (Ester Hicks) who has also been teaching the "Law of Attraction"- I believe for over 25 years or more-through her wonderful books, meditation cds and offering seminars all around the world. I feel so blessed that even- though they are doing this as a business, they allow us to learn so much from what they share with us -so freely!

I hope you enjoy the Abe video, and stay with us each day....You deserve the good life, and you can have it all-as we keep delving into a multitude of avenues to learn more about the Secrets of Attraction/The law of Attraction so that you will live the a happiest life ever!

So, simply put...Being in love with life ~ Being in love with yourself- is the key to the Secrets of Attraction and The Law of Attrction, for today anyway~ So stay with us ok? ~~~♥ྀ ☮~. L ღ Ve * & *☼ * ♥ (((( Big Hugs )))) ♥ Tina R. ♥ ~~♥ (*◡*) ♥

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Debbie Sabatini January 16, 2013 at 07:15 PM
Ahh, I love your writings! Keep 'em coming!
Tina Rizzitello January 16, 2013 at 09:21 PM
Hi Debbie....Thank you for your kind & generous encouraging words! I will do my very best to offer what my 'inner being' wants me to share with yours...It's usually pretty simple when it come from a place of 'love'....Sending much love & big hugs your way! Hope to see you again! :-)


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