Inspirational Feeling of Bliss~ Being in the Vortex ~

Inspirational feeling of bliss~Being in the Vortex . Feeling of bliss and exhilaration


"Life from inside the Vortex is sublime." ~ Abraham-Hicks

 Sometimes we just never know when ‘inspiration’ will hit us! It can come from unexpected places - when we better understand the basis of ‘how’ we can-- be ‘living’ unconditional love’…And I will share a post I’ve written today-possibly in a couple days, because I know I’ve been giving you so much information that may need more processing….Maybe? :-)

Today, is ‘one week’ that I've been posting here on Patch…..I’m thinking that this post ought to be more of a ‘daily inspirational message’ -as that- was my intention (instead of articles) Maybe this can start off your weekend with just a nice ‘simple’ feeling of bliss and exilleration when you get to hear the two videos--here!!!

*How Does Being In The Vortex Feel?….And...Bliss of the Vortex*

Oh, it’s all so good!

 Just a sweet clear explanation of what (being in the vortex) is all about.. Where I know we all want to be!!

 Trust me all these words were very strange to me…But now I’m thrilled to have added them to my vocabulary….Maybe you will to!!! :-)

 Wishing you the most blissful & maybe even exhilarating ….Being in the Vortex Weekend!!! ~♥ྀ ☮~. L ღ Ve * & *☼ * ♥ (((( Big Hugs )))) ♥ Tina R. ♥ ~~♥ (*◡*) ♥ 



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Marguerite Ziemba January 20, 2013 at 08:56 PM
Tina, We're on the same page......I've been listening to Abraham-Hicks for many years now. Everything that comes through her is so inspirational, so loving, patient and kind. I would love for you to make your column a "daily inspirational message." The Law of Attraction will always inspire you to touch someone.....which reminds me..... did you watch the FOX series TOUCH last year? The second season starts in February....if you haven't watched it, please check it out. I think you will like it. Have a Most Benevolent Outcome to your blog. Sincerely, Marge Ziemba
Tina Rizzitello January 21, 2013 at 07:11 PM
Hello Marge, I was so happy to see your comment here--that you are on the same page with Abe--with all of this! You have inspired me, to keep on-keeping on here :-) I must tell you I made a decision to not watch TV a few years back, (for some obvious reasons- of too much negativity) -So I did need to goggle & You tube that series 'TOUCH"....Wow, I say...Thank goodness for this!! I am starting to change my 'thinking' a bit--living somewhere temporarily now- where I do have access to TV again and did find worthwhile series 'Enlightened.' Have you seen that Marge? Well, now that you brought 'Touch' to my attention also, I'm feeling very optimistic again, seeing that there are more 'awakened courageous writers' who are getting this all out to the world. (and tv is a fabulous way to do it) It really does thrill me--And from what you just said, I'm sure it does that for you too Marge:-) Thanks again for being here, for your great input and I hope you'll keep sharing- I look forward to any new insight you have & hope to hear from you again. Much love & light to you!


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