Happy Monday! Happiness is an Inside Job ~

Happiness is an inside job ~ You can be happy under all conditions-Don't let anyone steal your joy-Sometimes we have to walk away-and love them anyway. People come into you life for a reason

Happiness is an inside job...Do you believe it?

As I realist, I know that people can be very complex, complicated, rude, inconsiderate, unreasonable, selfish, not very lovable at times…And the list can go on and on!

But people are what make the world go round-as they say, and we must NOT let people steal our joy!

We also can't keep ourselves in a little bubble of LOVE all the time? That’s the reality of life, right? But we do have a choice to walk away from anyone if they are not treating us with the respect we deserve....But we also can learn how to let someone go-and still love them anyway.

Actually I felt compelled to write this today because of a few things that happened in my life yesterday- But I also felt totally inspired -because last night just before going to bed I caught Joel Osteen giving an awsome sermon. It was just what I needed to hear - I love when that happens :-) And maybe, what you read today is exactly what YOU need to hear.

Sometimes we allow others to steal our joy. We do this, when people are just being who they are---but we react in a way that can allow them to suck the joy out of us. We don’t have to do that- no matter what circumstances are going on -even when we know that people are doing stupid things.

He talked about (I think it was a cab driver) that was able to 'not' let someone get to him. So Joel had asked him- how did you keep a calm relaxed attitude when you had to deal with a jerk like that? (Not quoting his exact words~ hehe~)

He answered by saying—People are like garbage trucks. They get filled up with so much garbage and then they need to dumb it out on someone, and that someone could be you or I.

Then he went on to say...Sometimes people think that being ‘meek’ is being weak.

But it certainly isn’t- and I can tell you from my own experience- when people think I’m being nice they might mistake it as a weakness, it is far from the truth-which we sometimes need to clarify )in a loving way, of course) It may happen to you too?

When we get better at this…When we can act with a relaxed attitude, without reacting to other people’s bad behavior – Our strength is under control (as Joel stated) Just the opposite of weakness—It is our courage & strength that can have us walk away from any negative situation, and say… ‘Hey thanks, have a nice day’-and just move on. When we do that we have learned how to keep our own joy!

There are many successful people that already know this, and also, everything I am about to say in this post. But I’m talking about the ones who have already reached success in all areas of their life…Emotionally, physically, spiritually, professionally & also financially.

I know this for a fact, because I feel so blessed to have studied will some of the greatest self-development teachers (and I will be telling you their names in future posts) but I also felt lucky to have other successful people come into my life- as clients in my past businesses. They were there to teach me ‘how’ and even why they were able do all this so instinctively. Some of us need more practice…Me included-I work on this every day of my life, but it does get easier.

Each time we do reach a small success of not letting others steal our joy we need to honor ourselves-give ourselves a pat on the back. Don't expect someone else to do it for us. Every time we’ve come through situations like this, when we’ve kept our cool with people and also learned how to 'love them anyway', can be like a great miracle in itself- for us!!

But there are also times in our life when we might have to release some people from our life entirely...Or, they may have been the ones that let us go. And it is all ok, if we can see it that way. We can be at peace with that too—If we understand that people come into our life for a reason, a season, and or a lifetime….(which you will see if you click into the photo section of the blog) for this beautiful video that I’ve treasured for years now - and I think you might feel the same too.

I know that…No one can be happy all the time. But if I can get you to see- eventually anyway- that it is possible to switch from a negative state of mind to a better thinking thought in a matter of minutes. (As I stated in Saturday's post)…I will be jumping up for JOY!!!

It can be done, and I will embellish a bit more on ‘how I got to this place’, to be able to feel this outmost inner peace & joy. When I do, (or I could say, what I DON’T do) that us humans find so utterly impossible to stop doing.

Keep an open mind-even if you don’t agree.or understand right now. Can you do that for me-while I share this little secret that has literally turned my entire life around?

 I will tell you for sure, that none of this- that is being said today is for any selfish reason accept for feeling fulfillment if I can get YOU to get-this. I’m not promoting this information that would give me any financial gain--to sell you something or anything like that. But if I can get you feeling better & and seeing more positive results in your own life… I know that me- being here, doing what I am here to do- on Patch…Can & will 'inspire you to be a happier being!’

If you are not aware of what I'm talking about please try to keep any judgmental thoughts on the back burner of your mind—especially if this is all ‘new news.’ But also, if this kind of thinking seems too difficult-or maybe you just 'haven't had enough practice' with it yet, do keep coming back here until it becomes clearer. And I promise you it will!

There is really no mystery behind it-- it is simple….

We create our own reality-from the thoughts we keep thinking. Good or bad—We give it more energy--And when we do-we get exactly what we think about most!

So, what can we do? For today, it's really what we ought to STOP DOING!

*Stop talking to others (also to yourself) about ‘the story of your past life.’…Stop focusing on (or talking about) what is NOT doing well in the world-the gloom and doom of what you may see and hear….And lastly- but most importantly...Stop talking to others (and also to yourself) about what is NOT going right in your own life.*

So there it is in a nutshell!!!

I will leave you another video (you can also click other videos-from Abraham hicks- on the you tube page) that can have you better understanding why—It is better to look at the reality we see out there by –Seeing with ‘new eyes, and if you follow along with many of these teachings of “Abraham Hicks." I can reassure you that you will not have any doubts to the importance of ‘training our thoughts’—So that you can be happy at any given time no matter what is going on in your outer world.

Wishing you the all the peace & joy that your deserve ~ ~~♥ From my ♥ to your ♥ *☮ • Love & Lightི♥ྀ Laughter & warm hugsღ ~Tina Rizzitello.´~ ♥ (*◡*) ♥

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Anita Lucarelli Mclean January 15, 2013 at 07:49 AM
Wonderful, Tina~~~~~~~~~~good one. Love, Anita
Tina Rizzitello January 15, 2013 at 03:54 PM
Thank you Anita...I'm really happy to hear you enjoyed this! Thank you also, for being here, it always means a lot to have the wonderful people that surround my physical world ~~walking side by side~~ as we all evolve in our life...In our own unique way! Lots of love dear friend ~ :-)


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