Going with the natural flow of life ~

Going with the natural flow of life~ Paying attention to how we feel--If we want to share our happiness with others -we first have to take care of our own needs.Take a nap,or meditate.

The quality of the imagination is to flow and not to freeze. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

When I woke up this morning, I had a much different intention today of offering you a very light easy going post (as you will see below) but as it is almost 3:30 now- and I just didn’t ‘feel good’ about posting, because I kept feeling this feeling that maybe the world might not be ready for this kind of leading-edge thinking. That some of these Abraham videos might be too advanced, but I also know that I can’t possibly go back to the very begining of so many of these teachings- from about 6-7 years ago- so that YOU might get clearer to how this all works. So, I found myself 'frozen'...More, than feeling creative.

But I also realized I am not responsible for trying to change the world… I’m only here to share my happiness with you. But for me to do that, I first have to feel good myself… Right?

And, if I am walking the talk, or walking the walk (however that expression is to be said correctly) If I’m going with natural flow of life…I need to do exactly what I’m going to do right now. Take my own advice...

And I'm sure that I’ll be back tomorrow refreshed and renewed to create what’s next-If you know what I mean :-)

I decided to leave you with two video’s that I feel might have you understanding where I’m coming from right now—And why sometimes the best thing you or I can do is –Go take a nap or meditate :-)

THIS 'WAS' MY INTENTION THIS MORNING….Just leaving you with a very simple post...So that you might understand- this much better-- In Order To Be Happy, You Gotta Be Happy!

 I’ve been leaving videos here of Abraham Hicks-But I’m thinking that maybe they may be a little to advanced if you’re new to ‘law of Attraction’...But the gist is we always have to 'feel good' first & formost!

“The more fun you have, the greater your value to yourself and to your society. The more fun you share with others, the more fun you have.”~ the Oaqui

You’ve heard the expression…Go with the flow!

Yes it means what I had mentioned in my past posts…Going with the natural flow of life.

How about we bring a little lightness & fun to all this seriousness-of all I’ve been already posting?

I know, I know…Self-exploration & self –development can be a very serious kind of subject and we do need to keep a nice ‘balance’ to - just about everything. We have to chill-out, we have to like ourselves…We have to be kinder to ourselves & others!   

So for today, this can be a nice ‘middle of the week’ way to add a little more fun to our life....For my own peace of mind of getting into a vibration that I feel is - of being ‘in love’.... with the intentions of sharing my happiness with you!

I’d like to go with the flow- so that any style- will be in a suitable vibration to wherever my ‘inner being’ wants me to go. And when life is fun, it keeps the ride more exciting, refreshing & new ~ But I also need to be having fun…If I expect to be there for you!

Does that make sense?

So, as I end this post, (and I find myself with a bit of resistence-maybe trying too hard-'feeling responsible')So, I will go take my own advice....Go take a nap or meditate :-) 

 I hope you will enjoy these videos and please do feel -free to leave your comments. That will help me to know who my readers are, and also what’s going on in your life- so that what I write it may help you to feel more happiness in your life :-) ...Not because 'I' can make you happy~ But because I want to share my happiness with you? ~~~~♥ྀ ☮~. L ღ Ve * & *☼ * ♥ (((( Big Hugs )))) ♥ Tina R. ♥ ~~♥ (*◡*) ♥

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