Ego- The Crazy Things We Do!

Learning to laugh at ourselves-The crazy things we do, from our ego self.. Listening to our own 'inner voice' we find we are going with the flow and can actually enjoy the process of self-development.


Well, it's a funny thing how this whole 'law of attraction' thing works. It really does always give us what we want. :-)

Yesterday, I had written out one of my very loooong messages here again, even though I'm sure I've said this as least twice....That I didn't feel I was here on Patch to write 'articles.' I was only here to bring a 'daily inspirational message' to you. After I was thoroughly exhausted mentally, when finishing my writing, I kept wondering why it had not been published. I never realized till today, that I just didn't 'summit' it - so that it could get published! But here I was today; puzzled wondering why it's 2:00 pm today and still it was never published.

See the thing is, I didn't really 'feel good' about getting it out because sometimes for me, writing articles can be very draining-it just gets me in this state of 'compulsive thinking' that comes from the 'ego talking'--instead of my 'inner being' the real me that speaks from my inner voice. The one I'm getting better at trusting. The part of us that's more of our intuitive voice- when we're going with the flow much more easily-- what 'feels' right to us.

And honestly, I feel we're all a lot more fun to be with when we can 'just be ourselves'... I do this all the time with much of my social networking on line, so that's pretty much what I feel will inspire you here on Patch. Hope that all makes sense to you?

So, now that-that is all over with, whoooosh!!...Now we can move on! :-)

If you need a good giggle today, or maybe you just need a *big smile*...
While I was searching out something (or I could say-my 'ego' was) concerning what 'good' ego could have on us- once we become friends with it.... I did find a 'seriously honest' one -that had me laughing at myself--once I realized the 'crazy things we do' from our ego self--hehe~ really crazy things at times! You can watch them in whichever order feels right for you--Funny, and serious stuff.

After having a good giggle at myself, I also found this first video called-Ego - The Crazy Things We Do Official Music Video (Dancing Gorillas)

 ...then I came across this one-the 2nd video called--Echart Tolle-Can We Make Friends With Ego....That offset my ego from fighting me once I knew what it was really doing. Lol! We all do this, but we're not always aware that it is ego protecting us. But as Eckhart Tolle tells us, once we know that it's 'ego'- it is much easier to move on, and leave it behind. -And maybe we can tell our ego--"you're actually quite funny, and I thank you--but for 'now'....My spirit is leading me somewhere else ....Sometimes it takes guts to admit it--But if we can just be ourselves--it will be all worth it!

 I must admit, I really don't want you *yawning* when you come on here reading the blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, that can come from the seriousness of talking about self-developement, if you know what I mean? :-)

I'm all about keeping balance in our lives and if we want to create positive change from within--it can be extremely healthy to find a way to make it fun, but it also helps us to enjoy the process, and keeps us moving forward with more with ease.

You know, like when I say going with the natural flow of life :-) ~~♥ྀ ☮~. L ღ Ve * & *☼ * ♥ (((( Big Hugs )))) ♥ Tina R. ♥ ~~♥ (*◡*)

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