Summer Olympics Party Ideas

Throw a themed party for friends and family for the London games.

With the 2012 Summer Games almost upon us, it's time to start planning a party on an Olympic scale. Whether you celebrate the opening or closing ceremonies or even a specific event, following these tips can make your party fun and festive for all.

Many party invitations are done through social media these days, but if you want to go the paper route there are a varity of creative options. Send invitations to guests in the form of guest passes or tickets, and feel free to refer to your house as the "Olympic Village" while you advertise fun, food and activities. If you really want to go all out, assign each person a country on their invitation and have them come dressed in that nation's colors.


You can choose which direction you want to go in for food. Giving your guests bottled water or gatorade and energy bars is a fun idea, but if you expect your party to last for a few hours you'll need some real food. Pub food or English dishes (fish and chips!) would adhere to this year's location, while having assorted foods from around the world would go with the Olympics' overall theme of international unity. Of course, you can always go patriotic with hamburgers and hot dogs. Be sure to check out supermarkets or party stores for appropriately themed plates.


Decorations are optional depending on your budget, but they can instantly add life to the party. Go for Olympic ring cutouts on one wall, or printed out images from past games (the internet and personal printers are wonderful inventions). To be extra festive, get some balloons in red, white and blue or in gold, silver and bronze.


Will there be children at your party? To keep them fom getting bored during commercials or before an event starts, have them compete in their own games! Relay races, hula hoop and jump rope contests, board games and "Simon Says" competitions are all great ideas, and adults can participate as well. Award each winner with their own medal (plastic ones can be purchased at almost any party supply store). See Patch's Directory for party store listings.

The opening ceremonies are this Friday, July 27. Be sure to how Patch is getting involved.

Peter W Bennett July 28, 2012 at 12:40 AM
I am not watching the Olympics. Boycott due to opening ceremony celebrating socialized medicine. Best to all of the competitors.


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