Pallone Touts Importance Of Preschools

Congressman Frank Pallone visited the Joseph M. Ferraina Early Childhood Learning Center in Long Branch to see what he dubbed as a "high-quality preschool."

Pallone has called for federal investments to expand the number of high quality preschools throughout the state.

Long Branch is an Abbott District so it is required to have a preschool. The district received funding assistance to construct the school.

Pallone toured the school on Tuesday to see the see what the children were learning and what programs are currently in place.

Long Branch Superintendent Michael Salvatore said a good preschool lays a "strong foundation of literacy introduced before age five."

"Last year we sent more than 95 percent of our seniors to college who were enrolled in our public preschool program 13 years ago," Salvatore said.
Maria Joyce October 22, 2013 at 12:23 PM
When children enter primary schools without the ability to interact with their peers, follow directions, absorb the lessons of their teachers, and work independently, they are at greater risk for a wide range of negative outcomes including peer rejection and school failure. Let's start where it counts!


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