Monmouth University Has $15 Million Plans For Football Stadium

The addition of more seats, a bowl-like look for the seating area and permanent concession stands and restrooms are part of the new plan

By Christopher Sheldon

Monmouth University officials would like to expand the scope of its improvements to Kessler Field at Monmouth Stadium.

The improvements originally included the $5 million construction of a four-story building behind the stands which would has a press area, concession stands, camera wells and broadcast booth.

"After a series of detailed discussions between athletics staff, coaches and administration, it has become clear that broadening and building upon the scope of the 'press box' concept would more effectively serve the University, our sports programs, students, coaches, and fans," Monmouth University President Paul Brown said in a release.

The expansion of the project would mean the construction of a new seating area that would have a "bowl-like look and feel," and stretch from goal line to goal line, Brown said. This would better accommodate the approximately 4,000 fans that attend games.

Monmouth’s football, men’s and women’s lacrosse teams and men’s and women’s outdoor track and field teams all use Kessler Field.

The improvements would also include:

• A brick structure that encases the seating and compliments the Multipurpose Activity Center (MAC)

• A defined and entryway into the stadium

• Permanent restrooms and concessions stands

• Multimedia space for press, video, and TV needs of any conference

The expanded improvements would cost $15 million, and Brown said 75 percent of the cost must be funded through private support. The Plangere Foundation has already committed $3 million to the project, so an additional $8.25 million would need to be found.

"With the private funding in place we could begin this project as soon as the end of the 2014 football season," Brown said. "Construction is estimated to take six months. Of course, prior to the project moving forward, we will need to seek building approval from West Long Branch for this project."

The West Long Branch Planning Board approved the press box improvements earlier this year, but the university would have to come back before the board to get the OK to move forward with the expanded plan.


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