UPDATE: Long Branch School District Closed Again Thursday

Thursday's nor'easter caused latest closure


The Long Branch School District will remain closed on Thursday, Nov. 8, school officials announced early this morning.

The school has been closed since Monday, Oct. 29, because of Hurricane Sandy.

A message on the school district's web site states that Thursday's closure is due to "streets with low-lying power and cable lines, which school buses cannot travel."

A message on the school district's Facebook page states that the district anticipates reopening all schools on Friday.

The original plan was to have half days today and Friday, but the nor'easter and the several inches of snow it brought to the area changed that.

susie picciotti November 06, 2012 at 05:56 AM
Well the big jokes on the poor people of N..J.....Those people take care of there own. Received my estimated inflated jcpl bill today after 8 days of being in the dark.....
susie picciotti November 06, 2012 at 06:04 AM
JCPL guy made a comment " They should not have put that pole up" Are you kidding me buddy....maybe we should tell our kids we gotta wait a couple more days for another 2 or 3 jcpl guys to come assess it and do nothing but pad there checks....We only had 10 already show up one with "when We Can" in duck tape on the side of his truck....a disgrace....
Kim Barkley November 06, 2012 at 02:13 PM
JCPL is a disgrace. Power STILL out in places right near Monmouth Univ. These are rental houses where students live! They have no where to go. One week is plenty long enough. Our street was not flooded and no trees down. Worst utility in the state.
mmc November 06, 2012 at 03:52 PM
Listen people, I know it's a difficult time and everyone wants to blame someone else for what's going on, but when you have a severe storm like we just had, who is really prepared. How many people don't have generators and were scrambling around looking for one? Or those who weren't smart enough to get your cars filled before the storm, etc. Some of those people that encountered this are probably the ones complaining here right here? If that's what happened, then you weren't prepared. I don't think anyone knew the severity of this storm, so please stop complaining, and be grateful that you are alive and well. I know people that lost everything and cannot return to their homes. You don't know the circumstances of JCP&L or what damages they had in their buildings. There were trees that fell on homes and homes were washed away, how long do you think it will be before they receive some normalcy? We have electricians from other states stepping in and they didn't have to do that. Imagine if they weren't here we would all be in deep doo doo. So, think about what they are doing for us, they left their families to travel all this way for us. I had to live 6 days with my family with out power it was frustrating but I understand. So please stop your complaining, stop blaming, help others that are in need and wait it out..it's all you can do.
Peter Koenig November 07, 2012 at 08:20 PM
Respectfully: JCPL - really, FirstEnergy of Akron, Ohio - is entirely responsible for this disaster. Throughout the aftermath, it continuously posted bogus restoration predictions, and refused to provide reliable or meaningful information. When I called "JCPL" the call was taken by a FirstEnergy dolt in Akron who did not know where Long Branch was, kept asking me "what township" I lived in, and did not know that Monmouth County was in New Jersey. The reason help had to come from everywhere else is that JCPL has (1) rotting infrastructure and (2) inadequate resources of its own. (Power was restored in Ohio right quick, BTW) When you still string wires from wooden poles stuck in the ground, as was done in the 19th century, they're going to fall down in the wind and/or be struck by tree limbs. I deeply appreciate the efforts of the crew from Alabama that restored our power a week after the storm - and I blame JCPL for calling them away from their families, as I blame JCPL for forcing mine to freeze in the dark for a week. If we don't lay blame where it belongs - if we just shut up and silently thank JCPL that we aren't dead yet; what is this, Monty Python? - then the same thing will befall us again and again. We must let JCPL know that we will not tolerate being doo-dooed upon.


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