Tinton Falls Taking Steps to Improve Road Safety During Snow Events

The borough public works department will be using salt brine instead of rock salt.

By Christopher Sheldon

The Tinton Falls Department of Public works (DPW) will be using a new tool to help combat the slick streets that occur during winter storm and snow events.

The DPW will soon be using salt brine instead of rock salt to help clear the roadways during winter storms. 

"Salt brine is water saturated with sodium chloride, or more simply, rock salt dissolved in water," Mayor Michael Skudera said in an email to residents. "Applying brine to the borough roadways is similar to spraying a frying pan with oil to keep food from sticking to the bottom of the pan."

State, county and some municipal public works departments use the salt brine method, and Tinton Falls will soon be joining them, Skudera said.

"A Public Works vehicle that is equipped with an automated salt brine system can treat the borough roadways up to 48 hours in advance of a winter storm," Skudera said. "This helps prevent the bonding of snow to the road surface."

Skudera asked residents to keep back at least 100 feet from a truck that is applying salt brine to a borough road.

He said the salt brine becomes less effective as the temperature drops, and that when it drops below 20 degrees, that treated rock salt would be used again.


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