Tinton Falls Mayor Introduces Nearly $2 Million Road Improvement Program

Program includes rehabilitation of several borough roads


Tinton Falls Mayor Michael Skudera has big plans for several borough roads in 2012 and is now looking to the council for support.

Mayor Skudera presented his 2012 road program to the Tinton Falls Council on Tuesday night and detailed the roads included in it and funding needed for the project.

The $1.8 million program would include the repaving of improvement of 9 borough roads and the paving of almost two centerline miles of local roads in 2012.

"We believe these are the roads in the most need of repair," Mayor Skudera said. "A lot of roads are in bad shape, but we're making more progress."

The following projects will be part of the 2012 road program, if it is approved by the council this year:

• Heritage Boulevard - Phase II: Roslyn Drive to Asbury Avenue

• Reeds Road: Entire Length

• Riveredge Road - Phase III: Avalon Drive to Glenwood Drive

• Palomino Place: Entire Length

• Clydesdale Court: Entire Length

• Pinebrook Road: Hamilton Road to Wayside Road

• Rutgers Drive Draining Repairs (Road would be repaved as well)

• Essex Road Sidewalk Installation

• Pinebrook Road Sidewalk Installation

While the total cost of the project is about $1.8 million, there are funds available that will help lower the amount that would be bonded for the project.

The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) awarded the borough $225,000 for the Heritage Boulevard Phase II project.

There is about $300,000 available from the 2010 road program bond ordinance, $100,000 from the 2012 budget line item and $25,000 available from the borough's Sidewalk Trust Account.

Therefore, the potential issuance of new bonds would be about $1.1 million for the 2012 road program.

"The cost will be significant, but not as expensive as last year's road program," Mayor Skudera said.

Borough Engineer David Marks said in order for the project to start this summer, the bond would have to be introduced soon. He said it could introduced at the May 15 council meeting, and potentially adopted at the June 19 meeting.

Councilman Scott Larkin said he would like to further discuss the project at the next council workshop meeting on May 1, and the council agreed.

Marks said if the council adopts the ordinance in June, he would like to award a contract for the project by early August and start the work in early September.

Mayor Skudera said he was happy to report that the borough's has been going well.

"We have filled potholes on over 40 streets since the program began," Mayor Skudera said.

Over 20 tons of asphalt have been placed on potholes throughout the borough over the last two weeks.

Mayor Skudera said the DPW is using this program to help gauge which areas are in bad shape and need repairs.

He said the borough also recently purchases an asphalt planer and a hot asphalt patcher that are helping complete minor road repairs. He said the equipment was purchased using funds from last year's budget.

"This equipment will help do the work quicker and more efficiently," he said.


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