Protesters Take on 'Bridgegate,' Sandy Funds at Christie Town Hall

New Jersey residents and organization representatives take to street corners outside public meeting to express concerns over ongoing scandals.

Ann Vardeman of Highland Park shows off her sign to 'Impeach the Fleece.'
Ann Vardeman of Highland Park shows off her sign to 'Impeach the Fleece.'
While Gov. Chris Christie's 111th town hall meeting was held in Long Hill Township in Morris County Wednesday morning, a handful of protesters from around the state set up shop with signs and propaganda to denounce the governor for two ongoing scandals. 

Analulia Mejia of Glen Ridge stood on the street corner in the driving snow and let anyone within earshot hear her thoughts on the Bridgegate scandal, as well as calling for the governor to ask Port Authority chief David Sampson to step down in his role.

Mejia, the executive director of New Jersey Working Families Association, said that over the past five years, "Chris Christie has been really bad for New Jersey."

Standing next to Mejia was Caroline Horowitz of Princeton, who came out to express her ire over the distribution of Superstorm Sandy relief funds.

Horowitz, representing New Jersey Main Street Alliance, said not enough businesses who applied for aid received it in the 16 months following the natural disaster. 
Roll Back Our Tax March 05, 2014 at 11:57 AM
While everyone is fighting over Bengazi and Bridgegate will someone in the public sector tell me who benefited from the $840B in stimulus money given by us idiot taxpayers to the states when the National Recovery Act was enacted of which NJ received somewhere around $5.6B and was filtered down into the 500 plus municipalities? ... http://www.recovery.gov/Pages/default.aspx ... very little went to stimulate business and it's my conclusion it all went to funding government identities like schools. What got stimulated? The pensions? Sandy recovery funds. Same thing. NJ needs an unbiased outside auditor to look at who got what.
Roll Back Our Tax March 05, 2014 at 12:07 PM
Oh and if you want to be stupid enough to bring up the $609B given the private sector in form of TARP funds (banks, auto companies, etc) as of March 3, 2014 almost all but $12.5B has been paid back..... http://projects.propublica.org/bailout/list ... he'll many of these banks were forced to take the $ even though they didn't need it.
Roll Back Our Tax March 05, 2014 at 12:16 PM
No wonder this country and NJ are in the financial shape they're in because if they were run like a business they'd be out of business.


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