Partial Refunds May Come to Red Light Cam Violators Under Settlement

Payout is expected to be minimal, however

If you received a ticket from one of Brick Township's red light cameras prior to July 2012, you may eventually be owed a refund under a legal settlement struck Friday.

But don't expect to be reimbursed anywhere near the $85 you had to pay to settle your own case against the camera.

American Traffic Solutions, the vendor of Brick's red light cameras, along with 16 municipalities – including Brick – were sued earlier this year after the state shut down the cameras in those municipalities after finding that a different standard was applied to calculate the length of amber, or yellow, lights than state law required.

Though in most cases, including in Brick, the yellow lights were eventually found to have complied with the prescribed standard, legal action ensued.

The class action suit filed earlier this year was settled after "extensive mediation" with retired Federal Magistrate Judge Joel Rosen, a statement from ATS said. The settlement will preclude similar lawsuits against other ATS communities which had not been previously sued. 

Those who received red light camera tickets prior to the July 2012 certification by state officials will receive a notice in the mail regarding their participation, said Charles Territo, an ATS spokesman.

"Those eligible will be notified by mail once the settlement is approved by the courts," Territo told Brick Patch. "Approval should come sometime in January with notifications beginning sometime in February."

The refund owed to violators will be approximately $6, Territo said.

An attorney for the plaintiff in the case said the matter should now be closed.

"As far as we are concerned, this agreement puts these issues to rest and fairly resolves the concerns of the class,” said attorney Stephen DeNittis. "By settling these cases not only for themselves, but also on behalf of their customers, ATS has ensured that costly and potentially lengthy litigation will be avoided."

Under the terms of the agreement, ATS and their municipal customers expressly rejected any wrongdoing.

Candice December 31, 2012 at 04:19 PM
actually I'd have to say Tom's river is one of the most corrupt governments around...and Newark actually gave people full refunds for falsely issued tickets and changed their system so people aren't getting tickets for legal things...can't say much for brick being I know little about it, but being in TR for q5 years....they weren't bad until they went from Dover township to all Tom's river...even if Newark is the most corrupt, they ended up using full refunds for false tickets and are now much more careful before they send out tickets...there will always be errors ...but hey they're trying
Opinionated December 31, 2012 at 05:31 PM
Why the need for "scameras"? Brick is the second safest town in America. And don't forget, they got no snow last winter too!! Bricktucky, where the BS is as high as an elephany's eye!
Opinionated December 31, 2012 at 05:31 PM
Sorry, I meant elephant.
James C. Walker January 01, 2013 at 01:51 AM
Whoop-De-Do !! A $6 refund on tickets from $85 to $140, giving back 4% to 7% of the corrupt and illegal collections with uncertified cameras. Even the courts in NJ uphold most of the predatory red light camera cash registers systems. It is about MONEY, not safety, and even the courts are of very little help. The only real solution is to ban red light cameras statewide. Contact your state Assemblymen and Senators to ask them to vigorously and openly support Senator Doherty's bill S1952 which will ban the cameras. Ask the legislators to work hard to get this bill passed. Contact Governor Christie to ask him to support the bill and sign it when passed by the legislature. Then contact your local officials to demand that the cameras NOT be used in your area, or be removed if already in use. Vote out any local officials who support the cameras at the next opportunity. The money grab scam of red light camera cash registers CAN be ended if enough NJ residents get behind the drive to end it. James C. Walker, National Motorists Association
S. Bar January 30, 2013 at 07:05 PM
Not really easy when you have to take off work, miss pay, probably pay a court fee, to see in an overly crowed court room for hours to wait your turn. If a human cop had pulled me over I would have been able to explain the situation right then and there.


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