Long Branch Trying To Address City-Wide Flooding Issues

The city is targeting Columbia Avenue and Dale Street as the first roads that will receive drainage upgrades.

Long Branch is looking to tackle some its flooding issues.
Long Branch is looking to tackle some its flooding issues.
By Christopher Sheldon

The larger rain storms this summer have highlighted Long Branch's need to address its flooding and drainage problems.

Over 40 locations with flooding problems have been identified by the Long Branch Department of Public Works (DPW) City Engineer Gerald Freda.

Freda said many of the problems stem from the fact that the city's drainage pipes are too small in areas.

“We’re looking for ways to make things better, and we understand there are economic constraints here, so we’re trying to prudent on how we do it," Freda said.

Long Branch DPW Director Fred Migliaccio said the city's drainage issues are part of a larger scale problem.

“A large part of this problem is we have three or four major arteries that cross the city and it comes from out of town," Migliaccio said. "When it gets to Long Branch, the head pressure is so strong …. we can’t it through our system. Our system is over 100 years old, the size of the piping is so small that it can’t handle this volume of water." 

Freda said the city's next step is to find solutions to the problems and find out the costs associated with them.

“At some point we’re going to need to prioritize our directions and we’re more than likely going to have to look for grants to fund this”

Freda said there are “very few” grants available for drainage.

Long Branch Business Administrator Howard Woolley said the city is looking at possibly bonding money to help pay for repairs on Columbia Avenue and Dale Street. 

"On Dale Street, the road has caved in, and we need to do something before the winter on that," Migliaccio said.

He said once Columbia Avenue floods, the water has nowhere to go and sits for days. 


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