Long Branch Mayor Provides Update on Boardwalk Rebuild, Beach Access

Mayor says city is developing design plans for boardwalk

The following is a message from Long Branch Mayor Adam Schneider

Sandy is still the number one topic of conversation around town. Six months after New Jersey got whacked upside our collective heads, many of us are still in recovery mode. But Memorial Day weekend is six weeks away, crowds are anticipated, and we need to be ready.

From Sandy Hook to southern Ocean County, every town is scrambling for what we all hope will be the usual throng of people from North Jersey and New York that clog our roads, eat in restaurants, spend in our stores, buy beach passes, and otherwise boost our local economy. We need them to come, maybe this summer more than ever.

Beach access came up at the last council meeting in February for the first time and every meeting since. Occasionally, the question is prefaced with the accusation that we only care about Pier Village.

The reality is that PV was constructed to withstand the 500-year storm so there wasn’t much damage. There was sand all over the place, and some of the stairs were undermined, but the new construction withstood the storm quite well and did not need significant repair.

Our goal now is to re-build everything south of Pier Village to Brighton Avenue once and do it right. There’s no sense in constructing a bluff, boardwalk, and road that could get wiped out again in a storm the same strength as Sandy. We’re developing design plans and working with FEMA right now to fund the project. I’ll keep everyone posted as we make progress.

As for summer beach access we’re hoping to get lucky in West End. DPW was down there last week and enough sand has come back that we’re cautiously optimistic that we’ll have a decent set of stairs, working bathrooms, and a shower close to Brighton Avenue. We just might have as many access points as last year. Lifeguards will patrol the same beaches as last summer. Keep your fingers crossed that we don’t have any more storms between now and Memorial Day.

Under the heading that timing is everything, we’ve also decided to hold off on parking meters until next year. The council and I want to make a summer day in Long Branch as easy as possible.

Six weeks until summer!

Andrea April 18, 2013 at 03:54 PM
Long Branch is actually trying to build smarter and better, unlike the neighboring towns, who are just trying to build quickly, in order to make sure they see money this summer, but dont really care if their boardwalk, or our tax dollars for that matter, are destroyed. Good for Long Branch, do it the right way, the FIRST time!
Dominick Palermo April 18, 2013 at 05:15 PM
Tex---------- Have you been to Long Branch beaches lately---------- I go everyday to run _ THERE AINT MUCH SAND ON THE BEACH--- Sandy took it -------Beach replenishment is coming -------- but not before the beach opens this yr ----------Why build anything when you have nothing in front of it to protect it ---------I can tell your not a beach-goer
JB Barruel April 18, 2013 at 08:01 PM
Like the new wonderful Long Branch downtown..... By the way it was due spring 2010... It is looking more like a the new squat downtown since.
John Kerwin April 18, 2013 at 09:18 PM
The Mayor gave me a good laugh when he implied that the Council does not "only" care about Pier Village. I guess they put up that fence around the Avenue Beach Club and also made a 10' path past it "for emergency Vehicles" and no one can sit there because, God forbid, some undesirables should sit too close to those club members and ruin their day.. Hopefully people don't think that beach replenishment is the answer. It's just a poor temporary solution (and who pays for this!). Belmar and Spring Lake can rebuild 2 miles of boardwalk and LB has a major problem building steps! I am just thrilled that they can accomplish such a feat. From the Mayor's comment it sounds like he is looking for "luck" to figure out how to rebuild. And those chain link fences south of PV makes LB so appealing for residents and visitors this summer.
DJGigs April 18, 2013 at 10:46 PM
Look at the this BS.. There is sand down the beach and yes I pass it everyday .ITS actually the way it was when i was younger going there every day of my life .. Now all you screwballs want is beach replenishment . What a JOKE HELLO WAKE UP SAND WASHES AWAY .. the road is in tact and is perfectly able to be driven on BUT what did these bucket heads do . they took half the road away so but head foreigners can walk there stinky rears up and down. This type of storm only hits once in a 100 years but now its being used as a hath . you will never see ocean ave a two way street again .. perfect example of government over reach .. Meanwhile after teh sand gets pumped and they create there giant drop offs .you can bet there will be more drownings because of it ...pathetic


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