Long Branch Beach Replenishment Nearly Halfway Complete

The replenishment project has reached the south end of Seven Presidents Oceanfront Park

By Christopher Sheldon

The Long Branch beach replenishment project is working its way north to Seven Presidents Oceanfront Park, according to city officials.

Long Branch Office of Emergency Management Coordinator Stanley Dziuba said the first phase of the project, which runs from Pier Village to the Monmouth Beach border, will be completed by early February. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will begin the second phase of the project around the same time.

The second phase will begin just north of Lake Takanassee and will head up to Pier Village.

Dzuiba said the work is expected to be completed by the end of April or the first week of May.

"The last portion of the work will be at our biggest beaches, so if they're done in April, we should be in good shape," Long Branch Administrator Howard Woolley said.

Woolley said 21.2 percent of 3.3 million cubic yards of sand have been placed so far and that Manson Construction is working "24/7" to have get the project completed by the spring.

Dziuba said there is already a "nice, even slope" at the beach in Pier Village and that he has been impressed with the work done by Manson Construction to this point. 
Fran Scott January 15, 2014 at 10:24 AM
not all sand is created equal....and thats the problem. I have not seen the current project to all I have to go on is what has been done & that I have observed over the past 30 years. Nature places sand there...and takes it away, we all know that, but you ever thought about what KIND of sand. Nature deposits sand that is the smallest particles it can reach, which is the most compactible. When the beaches are replenished the sand is taken from a good distance from shore. this sand is made of large particles and a good deal of rock/aggregate. The problem with that replenished product is that is not very compactible and in short can be washed away easily and it does not take a catastrophic or even heavy wave action to remove it. If one was to view the beachfront from some of the condos at the shore you can easily see the "seam" or line of old sand vs. new. the new gets washed away quickly and also results in cuts and drop offs that create....wait for it...RIP CURRENTS. Let not even talk about the form of mental self abuse that we all get when we see that THE BEACHES ARE SAVED...but then we are back at it again and at the costs of near billions of dollars. Oh and our Congressman is a slime ball career politician. Get rid of him this year. We need someone new. It is no accident that he has been in the news these past few months. Prior to that he was a quiet lapdog at the foot of his master in the White House.


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