Kean Will Seek Assembly Seat in 30th District

Senator Sean Kean announced he will seek a seat in the 30th District after the redistricting of the state's legislative districts relocated him from the 11th district.

Senator Sean Kean (R-11) announced on Tuesday he will be running for an open assembly seat in the newly redrawn District 30 alongside Assemblyman David Rible (R). They will be running on the same ticket as Senator Robert Singer (R-30), who will seek the senate seat in that district. Both Kean and Rible now represent the 11th District. Kean’s senate seat in that district was impacted by the new redistricting plan.

The new redistricting plan adopted by the NJ Apportionment Committee has moved Tinton Falls to be now part of the 11th Legislative District. It was part of the 12th District under the previous districting map.

With the new census came new data, and with it a new plan for redistricting in New Jersey. The new redistricted map for the state was approved by the apportionment committee over the weekend.

In the state, an apportionment committee, made up of five Democrats and five Republicans, created the new redistricting plan. This year, votes on a redistricting map were split down party lines and an 11th district member was appointed to the committee. Alan Rosenthal, a Rutgers University Political Science professor, cast the final vote and he chose a map that was favored by the Democrats.

Indeed, many in the media and on blogs are assailing this new redistricting map as a victory for the Democrats.

Another district that was shaped quite differently is District 30, where Senator Kean has decided to seek an assembly position. District 12 also now includes parts of four counties — Monmouth, Ocean, Burlington and Middlesex.

The new legislative map is posted alongside this story. The new landscapes in the districts come after months of squabbling by both parties and public hearings on the redistricting plan. All 40 State Senate seats and 80 General Assembly seats are up for election this year.


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