Fire-Damaged Springdale Avenue Home To Be Demolished

City will demolish house and place a lien on property to reimburse costs


The Long Branch Council has decided to take matters into its own hands and order the demolition of a fire-damaged home on Springdale Avenue.

The home at 518 Springdale Ave. has been sitting vacant and in disrepair since the fire occurred on June 4, 2010, and has become a safety hazard and eyesore according to neighbors who have come before the council.

The city awarded a contract to Mazza Demolition for $21,250 to demolish the building.

The city will pay for the demolition but plans to place a lien on the property to recoup the funds. The council recently passed an ordinance that will allow the city to do so, as it was previously not allowed by municipal law.

City representatives conducted a hearing with the property owner and her insurance carrier on February 28 and ordered the owner to demolish the structure within 30 days.

A resolution passed by the council states that "Neither the owner nor anyone else on her behalf has taken any action to demolish or otherwise repair the property," so the city has decided to take action and demolish it.

Debra Clark March 29, 2012 at 06:01 PM
Thank you to the Mayor and City Coucil for making this happen! I look forward to my neighborhood looking nice again.
Christina Warren March 31, 2012 at 11:48 AM
I could only hope it was due to ignorance of action and not lack of expenses that you would force someone to take care of a situation like this. Accidents happen and economy is tough. I'd hate to think that a township would force someone into bankruptcy because they didn't like the way it looked next to the prettier houses. If it was due to just lazy attention then shame on the property owner, take care of your responsibility. As for "eye sores", I could think of many the we could rid ourselves from.
Nancy April 02, 2012 at 03:21 PM
Glad that the city stepped in. It seems that they found a 'fair' way to to handle the situation. Putting a lean on the property, the owner can pay the city when the property sells. At least...I think they can do that....however, needing a clear title...that might not work so well...


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