Eatontown Signage Company to Move to Howell

The move will give the commercial signage company more space and the ability to own its building.

An Eatontown commercial signage company, got permission from the Howell zoning board on Monday to build a new headquarters at the site of a former trucking terminal on Megill Road near the Farmingdale and Wall borders.

The application, brought by met with very little resistance from the board as they discussed ways to use a building that has been empty for several years.

Kevin White, one of the owners of the company said the plan was to use part of the existing structure while adding on to accommodate his business. White said his company builds mostly commercial electric signs for things like gas stations and other highway signs. 

As it is currently designed there are approximately 24 bays for trucks that were using the building under its previous owners. That would be drastically changed under the plans with one bay for a tractor-trailer and the rest of his company's vehicles being parked inside the building. 

White said at their currently location they use approximately 19,000 square feet of leased space. The Howell location, he said would provide them more office space and also gives them the opportunity to own their building.

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