Developer Has New Plans For Old Orchard Country Club in Eatontown

Plans will be presented at Eatontown Planning Board meeting on Jan. 21

A new developer has proposed plans to develop Old Orchard Country Club in Eatontown, Mayor Gerald Tarantolo announced during Wednesday's Eatontown Council meeting.

"We've had two meeting with a major developer interested in Old Orchard Country Club," Tarantolo said.

Plans to develop the Old Orchard Country Club, at 54 Monmouth Road, have been under consideration for several years. The last developer's plan to build on the property was met with backlash from residents who live near the country club and "crashed," according to Tarantolo.

The country club has remained a P- 1/R-32 zone, which allows for the property to be developed for residential or public land use.

The last plan involved the building of a multi-use residential and commercial facility, but that plan was not approved.

A new plan will be unveiled during an informal presentation to the Eatontown Planning Board on Jan. 21.

"We will make sure to get a Code Red Alert out to any residents who live in the area about the meeting," Tarantolo said.

Tarantolo said there is a residential and commercial component to the developer's plan for the country club property. The plan involves 450,000 square feet of commercial facility and 175 units of townhouse development. Tarantolo did not give specifics on what type of commercial building was proposed.

The last plan that was rejected by the borough involved a 75-acre multi-use facility with retail stores, restaurants, a six-story hotel and over 300 residential housing units.

Leslie December 06, 2012 at 02:36 PM
They'll have to widen the road with all that traffic!
Markith December 07, 2012 at 12:38 AM
Rt. 36 is already a disaster with only 2 lanes heading east and west. Good luck trying to get anywhere on the weekends, and that's not even accounting for the summer traffic. Just trying to get to Home Depot on a Saturday is a nightmare when coming from the beach area. The DOT and town better have a serious look at the traffic volume this will put on the area.
Pam Faccone December 08, 2012 at 07:01 PM
Just what we need....more stores....Like we don't have enough places to shop in the area. Heaven forbid there isn't a blade of green grass or some trees left in Monmouth County. We'll need blue laws like Bergen County if this keeps up.
A.J.Hakim December 10, 2012 at 04:07 AM
Old Orchard should remain a golf course, to be available to the public golfer. That land was designed by one of the pre-eminent golf architects A.W. Tillinghast. Old Orchard is a gem of a design. It offers open space and an affordable round of golf. It allows a person to exercise, and bring his child to a place his dad loves to play. Old Orchard Golf is a magnificent place, its flaws and simplicities, remove all the pomp and overbearing that other places offer. and it gives character to our jersey shore. Don't overdo progress. Sometimes the nature of a human being is to enjoy a local place to play, get out in nature and spend time with friends. There is an overabundance of commercial property in that area already. The Home Depot strip mall is across the street. Monmouth Mall is 2000 yards away. and so is the Lowes and the rest of Highway 35. Mr. Mayor Tarantolo, find a way to keep Old Orchard a local historical landmark. Preserve it... don't destroy it. If the owners want to sell it so bad, find a way to buy it. Monmouth County has several golf clubs. This could be another majestic gem of a local treasure to add to. Please Don't Destroy it. Mr. Mayor don't let this historical site become another strip mall. It means so much more to the residents of the local Eatontown area, and surrounding Monmouth County residents. It means more to the History of Golf, important to many of us from New Jersey. Old Orchard is part of our culture and history it should remain a golf course.


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