Long Branch Considering Ordinance Allowing Homeowners in Flood Hazard Zones to Build Higher

Ordinance would allow max building height to be 33 feet

The Long Branch Council is looking at adopting an ordinance that would allow homeowners in flood hazard areas to build higher without seeking a variance.

The current maximum height for homes is 30 feet, but after the council recently passed an ordinance that requires substantially damaged homes to be raised two feet, the city is looking to increase the maximum height to 33 feet.

Long Branch Code Enforcement Officer Kevin Hayes anybody who is raising their would not be required to seek a variance from the Long Branch Zoning Board of Adjustment as long as the new height of their home is 33 feet or less, if the ordinance is adopted.

Hayes said there have been 30 homes that are considered substantially damaged in Long Branch, but only one so far that would have been over the 30-foot mark once they are raised.

The ordinance is expected to be adopted at a future council meeting.


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