Tinton Falls Fire District Elections Set for Today

Elections will be held from 2 to 9 p.m.

From Tinton Falls Fire District #2:

Fire District Elections are this Saturday, Feb. 16th, from 2 PM to 9 PM. There are two districts in Tinton Falls, District #1, which is all homes south of Tinton Avenue, and District #2, which is all homes from Tinton Avenue on north. The line cuts through the old CECOM property, so some houses off of Rutgers vote in the north end (if you usually vote at Lutheran Memorial in other elections). Both districts have elections for board seats and budget questions. It's your tax dollars, so be involved. Vote!

I am on the Board in District #2 and I am asking you to pass our budget and vote for current commissioners Joy Eastmead, Doug Alpaugh, and Pete Maclearie and return them to the Board. Pete and Doug were appointed this year and bring tremendous business and accounting experience. Joy has offered to stay on for 2 more years to share her knowledge so we can continue to do more, but do so without repeatedly going to you for more tax dollars. This is our first budget with this team and it cuts the tax rate by 14%, without cutting services, cutting firefighters, or harming response time. How? By carefully reviewing years of budgets and spending patterns and seeing that there were areas that had far too much padding, including over $1 million more in savings than the "plan" needs at this time, including $300,000 added this past year!. There was 19% more in hydrant rental fees than needed (yep, we have to rent them), and our surplus was twice as high as the state would like, nearly 50% of a $1 million+ budget. We took from the excess to create an excellent budget that has been approved by the state. Now, we need you to vote in favor of it on Saturday and vote these excellent leaders back into office!

We trimmed the fat, increased the training budget, and increased the number of volunteers who serve you. If you've ever needed us, you know how relieved you are to see a lot of well trained responders at your door, especially during Hurricane Sandy and the Nor'Easter that followed days later, where we responded to an incredible volumes of calls. Please pass our budget so we can continue to provide you with excellent service.

Please vote Saturday. It only takes a few minutes. District #2 (north end) votes at Northside Engine Co. #4 on Springdale Avenue (bet. Apple St. and Newman Springs Road, one block east of Hance). Voters in District #1 (south of Tinton Ave) vote at Wayside Fire Co. #2 on Asbury Avenue (between Shafto Road and the Parkway). Polls are open from 2 PM to 9 PM. If you wonder why these elections are held at this date and time, the State sets voting dates and hours. I know, strange, right? But you should still vote!

Please forward this to everyone you know in Tinton Falls so they can be informed and involved. It's your tax dollars, it's your fire service, so get out there and vote! Thanks!

the mann February 16, 2013 at 08:03 PM
Remove some of the one sided crooks in district #1 so the fire service is fair not in favor for just one company, it should be one big brotherhood, stay safe brothers.


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