Monmouth Man Accused of Forging Checks, Burglarizing Eatontown Businesses

Ocean Grove man also accused of crimes in Shrewsbury and Neptune

An Ocean Grove man remains behind bars after being charged in a 29-count indictment for a litany of alleged crimes in Eatontown, Shrewsbury, and Neptune.

Douglas Alderman, 53, was indicted by a Monmouth County grand jury this week on 29 counts accusing him of forging checks whose proceeds netted him tens of thousands of dollars. Grand jurors also found justification to uphold multiple charges of burglary.

Authorities claim Alderman forged checks at multiple banks in the region on eight occasions last year, including:

  • Two Rivers Community Bank in Shrewsbury. Alderman gained more than $500 between March 8 and 10;
  • Capital One Bank in Shrewsbury. Alderman netted more than $500 on April 2 by issuing a check purported to be from Robert Stanger and Company;
  • Bank of America in Shrewsbury. Alderman obtained more than $75,000 on April 17 belonging to Challenger Overseas and/or Forwarding Services and/or Check Master and/or Mega Trade Logistics and/or Franklin Stainless Corporation;
  • Soveriegn Bank in Shrewsbury. Alderman netted more than $500 on June 19 that belonged to Diehl's Landscaping-Design;
  • TD Bank in Neptune. Alderman gained more than $500 on June 25 belonging to the Opticians Association of New Jersey;
  • TD Bank in Neptune. Alderman netted more than $500 on July 7 belonging to Straub $ Pokotylo;
  • Capital One Bank in Eatontown. Alderman netted more than $500 on July 12 and 13;
  • Wells Fargo in Eatontown. Alderman gained more than $500 from July 16 to 19 in the name of Kasson Realty Associates.

He also is accused of burglarizing Summit Financial in Eatontown on July 12, as well as JB Management in Eatontown on July 14, when he allegedly stole laptops and cash. Authorities claim Alderman also burglarized Kasson Realty Associates that same day and stole cash. 

He is charged with eight counts of theft by deception, eight counts of forgery, eight counts of uttering a forged instrument, three counts of burglary, one count of theft of movable property and one count of bad checks.

Alderman is being held in Monmouth County Correctional Institution on a combined $213,500 bail, according to DataUniverse.

Court records show he has two convictions for theft by unlawful taking out of Monmouth County, in 2000 and 2005.

Thomas A. Blasi January 31, 2013 at 05:43 PM
The Eatontown area seems to be like a magnet for every shallow, crooked despicable individual.
DivineMomentsOfTruth January 31, 2013 at 06:33 PM
What disgusts me is how you can't shop or dine anywhere now without hearing someone using the 'F' and 'S' words. What has happened to our society? No good comes from Progressive Liberalism..


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