(VIDEO) Long Branch Police Honored For Arrests, Courageous Acts

Police given awards during ceremony held at Long Branch City Hall

Several Long Branch police officers were honored for various arrests and courageous acts they have performed over the last year and a half.

"This is just a small sample of what these men and women do every day," Long Branch Director of Public Safety Jason Roebuck said during a ceremony held at Long Branch City Hall on Tuesday.

The following officers were given awards on Tuesday night:

Lt. Thomas Shea
Sgt. Jeffrey Grippaldi
Sgt. Jorge Silverio
Sgt. Charles Shirley
Sgt. Fernando Sanders
Cpl. Edwin Gomez
P.O. Thomas Hueston
P.O. Christopher Gant
P.O. Jennifer Gant
P.O. Robert Bataille
P.O. Marco Rodrigues
P.O. Matthew Widdis
P.O. Patrick Joyce, Jr.
P.O. Robert Bell
P.O. Ross Zotti
P.O. Tom Olski
Disp. John Weir
Disp. Sergio Chaparro

Some of the arrests they made included breaking up a large fight at the Cabana Club on Dec. 16, arresting three people involved in a domestic disturbance involving a knife on March 13 and arresting a man who shot another resident in the hand with a gun on Sept. 26.

Officers were also honored for saving 43 people from a flooded apartment complex on Avenel Boulevard during the height of Hurricane Sandy on Oct. 29

Joseph June 19, 2013 at 03:07 AM
December 6, 2003 Will mark to be one of the City's worst incompetent Fire investigations into a Suspicious/Arson related fire that was located in a redevelopment zone, South Broadway & Abbotsford Ave in an abandoned commercial structure where a very well competent Firefighter died of an apparent heart attack. I believe that this Fire was ARSON in nature, and it was covered up by officials. If the cover-up can be proven, and I think it can. That is murder!! There's alot of inside information on what happened. And it really stinks to high heaven!! Ron Fitzpatrick was the Best Fire-fighter I ever knew! I really looked up to this man! With all that I have learned in the Fire Service, what Ron taught me , stayed with me! He was the most knowledgeable Firefighter I have ever encountered. Ron worked for the Newark Fire Department for almost 30 years. His early career was during the years when they called Newark, the ARSON Capitol of the World! Ron Fitzpatrick was a very thorough in everything he did in the Fire Service. To allow this incompetent investigation to stand, would be a sin! And it has been! It needs to be re investigated. You can't prove ARSON!, because the City of Long Branch picked up the building and dumped it in PA. Less than 24 hours after the Fire. Unheard of in Fire Department circles. This may be the first time in U.S. history where a firefighter dies at a fire scene, and then the fire is covered up, so theres no delays for their redevelopment project. At first, Long Branch Police was treating this as a homicide! , but that quickly changed. Another officer was then assigned to the case, and it all changed! And all of this changed before the results of the firefighters autopsy! The City didn't even wait for the insurance company to arrive! The building was gone before they could even get there! So ARSON can never be proven!, but the cover-up can be, or the very least Incompetence in their duties as investigators! Like · · Share · Promote · 36 minutes ago · . . Jacques Guire commented on his own photo. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Options Jacques Guire was at Sandy Hook.


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