Eatontown and West Long Branch Police Increasing Presence Around Schools After Latest Incident

West Long Branch and Eatontown Police have received report of suspicious male subject approaching children


The Eatontown and West Long Branch Police are increasing their presence around schools and school buses in the wake of two incidents involving a man who approached two young girls.

One incident in the area of Heidl Avenue near Golf Street and another occurred recently in Eatontown near the Stony Hill Apartments.

Both incidents are similar, because both girls were alone and reported that they were approached by a white male subject in a black car.

The West Long Branch Police reported that the subject was "a tall white male wearing a hood or hat and all black clothing."

Neither police department has reported any arrests or additional information at this time. However, both have issued Code Red messages describing the incident.

"The police department is continuing to investigate these reports and, in the meantime, will keep increased patrols in the area of all of our schools, especially at opening and closing times while children walk to school or wait for transportation to school," the Eatontown Police stated in an advisory message.

The West Long Branch Police advisory message stated that detectives are working on the case in conjunction with other police departments to determine whether or not the incidents are related.

Both departments are asking residents to be watchful for any suspicious activity near school or school bus stops and to report any incidents they see to the police.

"The Eatontown Police Department will continue to work together with our school administration and residents to assure the safety of our children at all times," the department's advisory message states.



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