Open Letter to NJ Senate President Steve Sweeney

To Senate President Steve Sweeney,

You stand there and say you have had a change of heart after meeting with the some members of the Newtown families. And you now feel that you need to strip the New Jersey Citizens ability to protect them selves even further, by now reducing magazine levels to 10 rounds from 15. Why?? Because somebody sold you a bill of goods that is to protect the children? Well, what about our children??

I think I should remind you of some facts. In the year 2012 there were 25,745 violent crimes committed in New Jersey. 387 Murders, 969 Rapes, 69 attempted Rapes, 11,382 robberies at gun/knife/fist point. There were 12,938 assaults using a gun, knife, dangerous weapon, fists. What would happen if we start adding up all the years?

A few other facts you should be aware of: there were 57,690 simple assaults and 42,378 burglaries through forcible, unlawful, and attempted forcible entry.

So I ask you these questions. How many people had to die because they could not defend themselves? How many women had to be raped because they had no way to defend themselves? How many people had to be robbed because they could not defend themselves. How many people had to be assaulted? 

How many of these families did you sit with and shed a tear with? I am willing to say none of them? How many of these children were not protected, because you refused to give the citizens the right to self-defense. So before you go do your dog and pony show to say that you care, and to further strip me of my ability to defend my life and the life’s of my loved ones. Maybe you should act like Hillary Clinton and go on a “Listening Tour” and hear what the “People” have to say, instead of pandering to a few to further advance your political aspirations. 

Maybe, just maybe if you saw what really happens out there, you would stop denying NJ citizens the right of self-protection. Or maybe you would like to meet with the mother/father/daughter/son of the next victim here in New Jersey. And maybe shed a tear with them.


Matthew J. Andras

Crime Statistics taken From:http://www.njsp.org/info/ucr_currentdata1.html?agree=0


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