' Morning burned '

Remembering the victims of a sudden predawn fire which transformed the Mariner's Cove and a hopeful first morning of spring into an all consuming wind driven blinding inferno. As once again, this Point Pleasant Beach town is stricken by a shock wave of terror, suffering and the loss of four lives. And once again we come to those who grieve, those who remain traumatized by horror, fear and injury, and those who by no warning became instantly displaced, losing what little they had, yet surviving fate. We thank all those responders including an injured fireman who risked their lives to save motel residents, also several visitors who for quick action and courage helped others escape the engulfing flames. Whatever caused this tragedy left the unknowing occupants in a death trap with no protection and little hope. Sadly this grim story could be repeated at any number of forsaken motels in any number of towns where safety is compromised. .


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