Only the Sweetest Kids Get Lice!

Only the Sweetest Kids Get Lice!


Who gets lice?  Almost anyone with hair ¼ of an inch or longer is susceptible to getting head lice. How do we know that lice like sweet people?  We’ll get to that in a bit.  First some facts…

A person is only contagious with lice from a fertilized female louse.  She is the one that lays nits (lice eggs).  Nits represent future generations of an infestation.

What are Lice?

  • A louse is one bug, lice are plural. Nits are the lice eggs
  • Lice feed on human blood 5-6 times a day for a few hours at a time
  • Lice are wingless bugs that range in size from as small as a pencil point to the size of a small ant. (2mm to 4mm)
  • A fertile female louse can lay 3-5 waterproof, hard to remove nits 2 times a day
  • Lice do not jump or fly, they only crawl with their 6 legs which have claws at the end designed to cling to the hair shaft
  • Nits, once removed from the head are harmless

How you get head lice

  • More than 90% of lice comes from head to head contact with an infested person (hair touching hair)
  • Sharing items like brushes, hair accessories, dress up clothes, hats, or helmets
  • Children working together in small spaces where heads touch
  • Hugs (don’t give up hugging, just be proactive)
  • Cloth seats in the movie theater, on a bus, train, or plane (unlikely though as only abut 2% of lice are from the environment)

So how do we know that only the sweetest kids get lice?  At Lice Lifters Treatment Centers we have treated over a thousand of the cutest families.   These families have the sweetest kids.  That’s how we know only the sweetest kids get lice.  So if your child ever asks “Why do I have lice?” you can say, “Because you are sweet.  Lice only like the sweetest kids.”  We also find that Moms are sweet enough to get Lice about 80% of the time but Dads only get it about 10% of the time!

Be proactive by doing weekly combing head checks on your sweet kids until college!

Lice Ladies of The Jersey Shore


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