Tinton Falls Awarded Former Daycare Center at Fort Monmouth

Borough will pay for the building through "in-kind services" in the fort redevelopment process.

Tinton Falls will get its long awaited kindergarten and preschool space thanks to a resolution passed this week by the Fort Monmouth Economic Revitalization Authority.

The school building comes to Tinton Falls through a Notice of Interest program, where the Army conveys a property to an entity at no cost, for the good of the public.

The 19,600 square foot building, constructed in 1996 and used as a daycare by Fort Monmouth, is located off Hope and Corregidor roads.

Tinton Falls Mayor Michael Skudera called the acquisition of the building a "very important milestone" for the the borough.

"(Borough Administrator) Gerry Turning and I have been personally working on acquiring this properly for the purposes of using it as additional classroom space for the Tinton Falls school district," Skudera said. "There are still details to work out between the parties, but ultimately this building will be used to further assist special needs children in receiving a quality education from our local school district."

Though Tinton Falls won't pay for the property directly, it will come with costs.

As part of FMERA's developer agreement with the county, Tinton Falls and CommVault, the borough will give in-kind services up to $486,920, the agreed value of the Child Development Center.

Likewise, the county will compensate FMERA in "in-kind services" equal to the agreed upon real estate value of the Teen Center and pool, $502,645.

The in-kind services will go toward sewer hook ups and road improvements to the property CommVault has agreed to purchase in Tinton Falls. According to the resolution, as the first property owner in the redevelopment, CommVault will "require a higher amount of off-site improvements than subsequent developers." The three entities will make those improvements - with costs spread to each - to address the "disparity."


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