Seabrook Residents Give Nearly $200K to Staff as Holiday Thanks

Residents at the Tinton Falls retirement community donated to the annual fund that is dispersed among hourly employees at the end of the year.

News from Seabrook Village in Tinton Falls:

The wonderful relationship between the residents of Seabrook and the staff who serve them was once again demonstrated through the annual Staff Appreciation Fund, a program that recognizes employees for their hard work and dedication throughout the year.  A total of $196,000 was raised by residents for staffers this year.

Even in a down economic period residents found it in their hearts to donate money to the staff members who work at the community on a day-to-day basis.  The money was disbursed to 694 hourly (full and part-time) employees at Seabrook who are employed in various departments, including dining services, transportation, security, general services and the nursing departments.

During the past eight years, since the program began, a total of nearly $2 million has been collected and given to the employees.  The Staff Appreciation Fund is an annual event and was developed as a way to reward employees, who are not permitted to accept tips or gifts of any kind. 

Seabrook resident Pat Driscoll, who also serves as president of the Seabrook Resident Advisory Council said, “The residents come in contact with the staff on a regular basis and develop relationships not unlike that that a family does, and we value them highly.  Our residents contribute to help this family in a variety of ways, including donating to the Staff Appreciation Fund and Scholars’ Fund—all to show our appreciation towards the service the staff provide to us.”

The Scholars’ Fund is another program that provides students who work at Seabrook with funding for their secondary college or trade school education. 

“We thank the residents for their generosity and for recognizing the hard work our employees do to make Seabrook the wonderful place it is to live and work,” said Art Sparks, Seabrook executive director.

“Each year the residents are delighted to show their appreciation to the staffers who help them day in and day out,” said Ann Marie Matthews, Seabrook volunteer program coordinator.  “However, it is the strong bond which is built that is truly remarkable.  Friendship and companionship is created within this community and residents and staff share their own special gifts with one another which are the lifeblood of Seabrook.”

The gift amount from the Staff Appreciation Fund that each employee receives is determined by a formula created by the community based on the staffers’ number of years of service and hours worked.  One-hundred-percent of the funds donated are distributed to the staff members.

Shannon K. Winning December 20, 2011 at 11:56 AM
Paul December 20, 2011 at 12:51 PM
Sounds like a shakedown. Is that protection money??


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