Historic Takanassee Buildings Moved to Private Lot

Three buildings will be restored by developer


The former site of Takanassee Beach Club in Long Branch is missing two of its most historic buildings.

A developer, Douglas Jemal, had two of the buildings, the Captain’s House from the 1870s and the the Port Huron House moved to his residence at 900 Ocean Ave late last week.

The two buildings were loaded onto the backs of trucks and moved down the street where they will be restored by Jemal.

Jemal had to obtain a CAFRA permit to make the move, according to New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) Spokesman Bob Considine.

Considine said the exterior of the captain's house will be "restored to its original condition."

"The interior has to be adapted as a use for a pool cabana," Considine said.

He said no revitalization plan has been submitted for the Port Huron House but that the NJDEP expects to receive one soon. He said construction on the structure cannot begin until plans the plan are received.

A third building, the 1897 Boathouse will remain at the former site of Takanassee Beach Club, but will also be restored, according to Considine.

The property belonged to James Peter, who ran the beach club for many years before the property was purchased by Isaac Chera, according to an article in the Asbury Park Press.

Chera was required to preserve the buildings before building anything on the site. The Long Branch Planning Board has not approved any site plan for property and would have to do so for anything to be built there.

Be sure to check out our user-submitted video of the buildings being moved down the street!

Joseph March 28, 2013 at 06:30 AM
1:15 am on Thursday, March 28, 2013 Well it cannot be TAKANASSE anymore! The City of Long Branch had a huge hand in totally destroying the Very Best & Most Beautiful Location in the City Long Branch! The Sandy Storm did some damage! But Honestly!, Most of all the damage was done by neglect of City Officials, and the current property owner. If you want proof! I will give it to you! That Location is a disgrace!, and so is the City of Long Branch! And now looks likes something after the blast! No Green Acres here! But along the boardwalk for pier village a definitive yes for Green Acres! The City of Long Branch gets a F- here. People needed to go to jail over this! Will be glad to explain at another time! AND AS FOR THE CITY OF LONG BRANCH! Corrupt! Corrupt! Corrupt! And THE CITY OF LONG BRANCH IS NOT IN GOOD HANDS! HOW WAS IT IN THE DARK FOR A WEEK IN LONG BRANCH!!!!!??? WAKE UP! Leave a comment


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