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Parkway Accident Kills One, Injures Two

All Pier Village Stores, Restaurants Will Be Open Today

Three restaurants have been closed since Hurricane Sandy


The recovery for Pier Village in Long Branch has been quick, despite the damage some of its stores and restaurants sustained during Hurricane Sandy.

Today will mark the first day when every restaurant and store will be open to the public, as Sirena, Avenue and McLoone's Pier House are reopening.

The three restaurants lie directly on the boardwalk and suffered the most damage from the hurricane.

Other stores such as the Aloha Grove and Koi Botique and restaurants such as Indulge and Turning Point reopened last week. They were able to open more quickly because they are located further west than Sirena, Avenue and McLoone's Pier House.

The boardwalk in Pier Village survived the storm and is intact. The section of the boardwalk that lies south of Pier Village was washed away by the hurricane.

It remains unknown if the hurricane will impact the construction .


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