Wyckoff Road Construction Project Will be Completed by End of December

Paving for the project will be completed in the spring.

By Christopher Sheldon

A widening project for Wyckoff Road in Eatontown should be coming to a close by the end of December.

Monmouth County Department of Public Information and Tourism Director Laura Kirkpatrick said the $1.349 county project was designed to "improve traffic conditions, flow and safety in the area of Wyckoff Road between Route 35 and Route 36."

Kirkpatrick said the project required "significant utility relocation" which caused companies to remove their equipment off the existing poles and transfer it to new poles.

"A couple of months ago they had to turn the power off for several hours to realign the main line and impacted several businesses in the area," she said.

She said only 2-3 new poles must be installed for the project and as of last week, the county had restored the road to four lanes.

She said a left turn lane onto Route 35 also has to be installed.

By the end of this month, the project should be substantially complete, with the exception of road paving.

"The basic paving will be in place, but the final paving will not be complete until the end of the spring," Kirkpatrick said. "The final coat is weather-dependent."


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