Parker Road/Locust Avenue Traffic Light Should be Installed By End of Month

The final paving for the project will be completed in the spring.

By Christopher Sheldon

The new traffic light at the intersection of Parker Road and Locust Avenue in West Long Branch should be installed by the end of the month.

Monmouth County Department of Public Information and Tourism Director Laura Kirkpatrick said while the light will likely be installed by that time, it may not be turned on until later in 2014.

The $516,913 project will also reconfigure of the intersection, which will include widening Parker Road and adding a right turn lane to the road and a left turn lane on Locust Avenue. 

Frank Antonides agreed to give up a small portion of its property so enough space could be available for the right turn lane on Parker Road.

Frank Antonides will also feature a reconfigured parking lot for student drop off and pick up and the entrance to the Community Center will also be modified so drivers can only enter and exit the community center at the new traffic signal.

Kirkpatrick said ADA compliant pedestrian ramps will also be added to the sidewalks.

She said that will the primary paving should be completed by the end of month, the final paving will likely be finished in the spring as the final coat is weather-dependent.


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