New Traffic Pattern Now In Place for Ocean Avenue in Long Branch

New pattern in place to create safe passage for bikers and pedestrians after loss of boardwalk

The loss of Long Branch's boardwalk has caused city officials to change the traffic pattern on a portion of Ocean Avenue.

The mayor and council have authorized the temporary closure of the northbound lane of traffic on Ocean Avenue between Melrose Terrace and North Bath Avenue, a Code Red Alert message from the city explained.

The traffic flow will be reversed temporarily between North Bath and South Bath on Ocean Avenue, making it one way southbound. All motor vehicle traffic must travel south on Ocean Avenue, south of Pier Village.

"This decision was made to allow the public a safe corridor to walk and bike along the beachfront while the city rebuilds the devastation caused by Superstorm Sandy," the message states. "The mayor and council apologize for any short-term inconvenience and look ahead to the long-term rebirth of the Long Branch boardwalk."

Jersey barriers will be used to separate the pedestrian and vehicular traffic on the road. The barriers will start at the south end of Pier Village at Melrose Terrace and go down to South Bath Avenue. Gaps will be left in the barriers so people can enter the east side of the road.

g nap March 26, 2013 at 09:45 PM
This is the exact OPPOSITE from what should be done. There are sidewalks on the west side of Ocean Ave. Traffic should be Northbound ONLY with ALL pedestrian traffic utilizing the sidewalks. The mayor and council should have seeked the advice of an Engineering firm before making this incorrect decision. BTW, how long will this "temporary" closure last, when there is still no scedule for the rebuilding of the boardwalk to begin with?


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