Cranford-Based Atheist Group Says Sign Was Vandalized

The American Atheists have a tradition of sharing their message during the holiday season. In one NJ town, the group says their sign was vandalized.

The Cranford-based American Atheists group has never shied away from challenging religious symbols. The group's Times Square banner (see photos in this Huffington Post article) calls for millions to "Dump the Myth" about Jesus during the Christmas season. This week a smaller banner donated by the group to a resident of West Milford Township, in Passaic County, carrying a simiar message was reportedly vandalized.

According to reports, at least one community member is calling the alleged vandalism a show of intolerance and asking local authorities to investigate. The banner, which was placed near religious symbols for the holiday season, was ripped from its posts on Sunday. The banner shows three wise men and asks people to question the "myth" of the holiday season.

“Many people are claiming that atheists have declared ‘war on Christmas,’ American Atheists said in a statement on the group's website. "These same people are allegedly resorting to illegal activities like vandalism to wage their so-called war."

The Atheist group will celebrate its 50th anniversary early next year. The group was formed in Texas, but has its headquarters based in Cranford, where an extensive library and archive of the group is house.

Donald December 29, 2012 at 03:36 AM
In 1985, then ASSOCIATE JUSTICE REHNQUIST -- not "CHIEF JUSTICE LINDQUIST," as you erroneously had said -- wrote a dissenting opinion in Wallace v. Jaffree, having no weight or precedence. The entire sentence you butchered actually read, “The ‘wall of separation between church and State’ is a metaphor based on bad history, a metaphor which has proved useless as a guide to judging.” The foregoing dictum came in the context of Rehquist's view that judges should be looking to the language of the Constitution itself -- in the first instance -- to interpret the First Amendment, not a particular "metaphor." Rehnquist was NOT there in any way rejecting the well-accepted legal doctrine of the separation of church and state, nor its interpretation by the Court's prior precedent. To the extent some may have incorrectly read it otherwise, Rehnquist later clarified the matter (or some might say evolved to a more enlightened view). In any event, in June 2005 (fifteen years after his Wallace dissent and near the end of his tenure on the Court), then CHIEF JUSTICE Rehnquist -- writing the precedential decision of the Court in Van Orden v. Perry -- clearly stated, "One face [of the Court's First Amendment law] looks to the past in acknowledgment of our Nation's heritage, while the other looks to the present in demanding a separation between church and state."
Michele December 29, 2012 at 11:59 AM
@RQ: You stated - "The atheists wouldn't put up their banner on public property if Christians didn't insist on using the platform of our shared public property to promote their view that humans are evil sinners who better accept a human blood sacrifice performed 2000 years ago, or they deserve everlasting torment in hell." PLEASE, PLEASE do not distort the message that displaying the creche is meant to celebrate. It merely represents the joy of Christians at the birth of Christ. Your other comments would indicate that you are actually far too intelligent to believe what you wrote about the display of the creche. In addition, you and others have missed the point COMPLETELY or are trying to distort that point in order to defend what was truly a very offensive display that Atheists placed on that property. NO display denigrating anothers beliefs should be allowed and that is exactly what that particular group of Atheists wanted to do. Why? I don't care what you believe and respect what you believe. Put up your banner. I welcome it. I have seen other banners placed by Atheists that join in with the Holiday celebration that proclaim joy in the celebration of the solstice. One declared "Celebrate the Solstice! Peace to All and Happy Holidays".. THAT was beautiful, classy and celebrated the season. The sign that was WRONGFULLY vandalized denigrated the beliefs of others, seemed envous of those beliefs and was downright juvenile.
rich December 29, 2012 at 03:43 PM
religion is man's attempt to reach God........Christianity is God reaching out to man and revealing His very nature and how He sees life " the thinking of this world is an absurity to God" regardless whether you accept it or not there is no other religion in the world that has the same message. (stay away from denominational thinking and stay only with scripture) 99% religions have God plus works .....christianity says "by works shall no flesh be justified before God" because it is a gift. I will change you from the inside out , you will know the truth and the truth will set you free (from the bondage of sin). i'm convinced that if anyone is really looking for truth read just the gospel of John as a start . remember truth by it's own definintion is exclusive not inclusive. Why do i make an issue about chrisitanity in my responses? Because the atheists are not just squirming about the public land sites but have interjected "the myth" attack on people of faith which they feel comfortable doing because they live in a compassionate country founded on judeo / christian beliefs.
rich December 29, 2012 at 04:10 PM
donald, i thought i had already thanked you for correcting my spelling i was typing without reviewing but if it makes you feel good to bring it up again that's fine. Rehnquist was making the point that religion is not the enemy of the goverment as so was thomas jefferson (in his letter to the dansbury baptist minister) And that this was a country founded and formed by a belief in the God of scripture. The early colonies were in fact indivdual theocracies that based there societies on the God of scripture. Did you know as secretary of education Thomas Jefferson made it part of school curriculum to have a bible and the watts hymnal in every class room. in 1892 (the trinity decision) after seaching out approx 10,000 documents declared the u.s to be a chrisitan nation. This was not just because most people were christians (there were other faiths) but because the writings examined were without a doubt based on the God of bible confirmed by the number of times scriptures were quoted. i would say to really be a true atheist you should not include the year on your dating of things, because in someway your acknowleging someone and something happened in this life that the entire world measures time before or after this event
rich December 29, 2012 at 05:19 PM
to RQ as far as real scientists......your flaw is thinking that all real scientists only accept evolution..... i will not waste the words here to list the many "notables" who don't (but i will if you want me to and there statements ) People will believe what they want if they start out with their own mind set. For example Francis Crick co-founder of DNA wanted to use the science of probability to see what the chances were the simplest molecule could come about by ramdom. He allowed a time period of 4 1/2 billion years ...to his shock and disappointment he discovered it would be 1 in infinity chance of happening. (Science claims that when the odds are greater than 10 to the 50th power it can never happen) Crick however would not accept the God theory so he created "directed panspermia" theory which basically says that aliens somehow sent space ships scattered cells on other planets (like johnny appleseed). which of course only changes the location Athur Keith the famous Britsh evolutionist said "evolution is unproved and unprovable we hold on to it only because the other alternative is unthinkable" how is that for open minded research? this may seem off topic a bit but this is the belief of atheists that all of life is an accident unguided and without any purpose. i don't have enough faith it would require to believe in such a thing. Until Evo scientists can explain how life things came from nothing it will always remain "in the beginning God"


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