Vetter School Celebrates Diversity

On April 2nd the Margaret L. Vetter Elementary School (Eatontown) will be hosting its 2nd Annual International Fashion Show & Bake Sale sponsored by the Vetter PTO.  The idea originally spawned as a way to draw more members to the PTO and generate active family involvement in a school where the affects from the closing of Fort Monmouth have been deeply felt over the last 5 years.  Student numbers have declined along with parent leadership and involvement in the PTO.  With the Eatontown school district being such a diverse learning community encompassing more than 16 different languages in the home, we in turn represent a multitude of nations. 

In addition, Vetter School houses the districts centralized English Language Learning (ELL) program which is comprised of educators and volunteers that serve the needs of students for whom English is a second language.  Last year a parent volunteer in our afternoon literacy program for English Language Learners came up with the idea for this event after she noticed the lack of parent participation in the PTO.  It was felt that by offering a broad multi-cultural event, we could bring more parents into the fabric of our school community and enable them to share their cultural background with others.

We started small last year, but the overwhelming enthusiasm from the students and their families was strong.  So, this year we will continue to utilize the United States as the backdrop for the event in addition to showcasing the heritage of 15 nations from A to Z and Native American cultures.  The program will be an assimilation of families through language, culture and most importantly DESSERT!

There will be over 30 desserts from around the world and looks to be a YUMMY good time for all!


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