Connor Jaeger and Tom Wilkens Featured in swimming Documentary

A new documentary is in the making called "The Water is My Sky."  The concept is described on their website but, in a nutshell, it returns to the theme of the book entitled "Gold In The Water" by PH Mullen.  

Tom Wilkens of Middletown was one of a few swimmers training at the Santa Clara Swim Club where he and the other elite swimmers were chasing the Olympic dream at the bare-basic Santa Clara Swim Club. 

The documentary crew came to Middletown this past week to spend some time with Tom and learn what it was like for him then, and what life was like coming home from Sydney Olympics in 2000 and thereafter. What are the gifts?  What are the lessons?

Fast forward to 2012-2014, with new Olympic hopeful Connor Jaeger, a Long Branch Lifeguard, coming into the story.  The film continues to watch Connor and other elite swimmers train for a spot in the 2016 Olympics in Rio. 
And with that, add some current young swimmers who are at the beginning of the dream.  The movie will take us to the 2016 Olympics, showing us what the real "Road to Rio" is like.

This is a story of our hometown swimmers, and others, who can share with us just what the commitment is like, including the glory, the agony, and the joy of swimming.  

The website to read more is Waterismysky.com. You can find them on twitter and Kickstarter too, where they are trying to fund the project through donations. Check it out!!


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